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Welcome to Lavetsi. Our design blog showcases a combination of contemporary and traditional furniture and interior design. We feature inspiring designers, brands and products that all have their own ethos, philosophy and approach to design, craftsmanship and sustainability. From small independent designers to iconic architects and craftsmen, we aspire to provide readers the opportunity to enjoy beloved, unique and functional interiors.

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Carl Hansen & Son

Leave nothing to chance with the exceptional craftsmanship of the Carl Hansen & Son. Unique design and quality fabrication via sustainable production. Add a timeless piece of Scandinavian design to your home.

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Forever Furniture

Lavetsi promote products and brands that are created in an eco friendly manner and use materials sourced from sustainable forests. We want to help reduce the carbon footprint of the furniture industry and encourage people to buy forever furniture prioritising quality and longevity over quantity.

Generational Furniture

Purveyors of design, Lavetsi believe in providing customers with a diverse range of modern and contemporary furniture built to the highest quality. In a world of flat pack furniture we aim to offer an alternative. Helping people bring their living spaces to life with one of a kind authentic original pieces. We believe that every home interior should be unique to its inhabitants, reflecting their own person style, comfort and personality. In a culture of disposable goods and fast fashion we offer an alternative of forever furniture that stands the test of time. Our goal is to provide a variety of honest high quality furniture, lighting and accessories made by the finest craftsmen and from the best sustainable materials. Lavetsi showcase brands throughout the world in order to deliver a variety of traditional and contemporary furniture that is out of the ordinary. Whether you’re looking for an iconic lounge chair or a Tibetan hand-knotted rug we’re confident that we stock something that you’ll love and cherish.
We showcase brands that offer quality products that are built to last, whether its an innovative pendant from Tom Dixon Lighting range, or a hand made rug from cc-tapis. We believe in buying once and buying quality.

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