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      Tom Dixon
      The Tom Dixon lighting range includes something for anyone looking to add style and atmospheric lighting to their living space.
      9 products

      9 products

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      Awarded the OBE in 2001 for services to Innovation and Design, Tom Dixon is one of the UK's most ground breaking and recognised designers. The Tom Dixon lighting range includes unique and original designs that embody Tom Dixon's passion for innovation. 

      Tom Dixon Lighting

      The Cut, Melt, Spring and Opal ranges explore everything from atmospherical silhouettes to molten optical effects. The Tom Dixon lighting range includes something for anyone looking to add style and atmospheric lighting to their living space. From subtle wall and surface lights to mega chandeliers and pendant lights, the Tom Dixon lighting range provides contemporary and organic choices for every space.

      Tom Dixon Lights

      Tom Dixon lighting is one of the leading and most recognisable ranges in the Tom Dixon family of products. The chandeliers, pendants and lamps found in this eye catching and innovative range of lighting can be found throughout the homes, restaurants and businesses of the world. While many have tried to reproduce the pioneering designs associated with the Tom Dixon lighting range, no imitation comes close to the real thing.

      Continuously developing the range while exploring new designs, Tom Dixon has become synonymous with experimentation. Creating modern classics such as the Melt range, Tom Dixon has managed to combine creativity with functionality and quality.

      Who is Tom Dixon?

      Born in Tunisia in 1959 Tom Dixon’s fascination with design and manufacturing started early in life when he began taking life drawing classes and studied pottery at school. Prior to entering the world of design, Tom Dixon spent two years as a professional bass guitar player in a disco band during the early 1980’s as well as working in the night club business.

      It was in 1983 that Tom Dixon discovered the art of welding and with it the freedom to create his own furniture. Over the coming years Tom Dixon evolved from a welder to a designer. Recognition quickly followed in 1986 with the creation of the famous S-Chair which is now part of the permanent collection in the New York City Museum of Modern Art. Dixon’s obsession with design further evolved in 1988 when he created his first light. This paved the way for the famous Tom Dixon lighting range we know today.

      Further modern classics were created during the 1990’s which resulted in Tom Dixon being awarded the Order of the British Empire in 2000. Having previously worked for other brands, in 2002 the Tom Dixon brand was officially founded, leading to countless furniture and lighting creations in the years that followed. Since then the Tom Dixon brand has also been designing interiors for restaurants, hotels and other venues, providing the perfect opportunity to showcase new products and exploring their functionality and aesthetics.

      The Tom Dixon lighting and furniture range explores a variety of shapes, materials and textures. From the subtle mesmerising light emitted by the mirror finished melt pendant light to the bold industrial sculpture that is the pylon chair. Tom Dixon’s obsession with design and form is embodied throughout his fascinating and ground breaking products.

      In addition to his work with his own brand, Dixon has collaborated with a number of other companies and brands, including IKEA, Adidas, and Selfridges. He has also designed interiors for hotels and restaurants, such as the Mondrian London hotel and the Bronte restaurant in London. Overall, Tom Dixon is known for his innovative use of materials and his ability to create products and spaces that are both functional and visually striking.