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14 products

Nuura Lighting

Nuura Lighting is a Danish lighting company that produces contemporary and modern lights. The company was founded in 2017 by Sofie Refer, Nadia Lassen and Peter Østerberg. Nuura Lighting is known for its simple, yet elegant designs that are perfect for any home.

Nuura Lighting

 Engrained within their nordic nature, Nuura Lighting provide the most aesthetically pleasing, exclusive designs within the lighting sector of interior design. Changing the worlds of both private homes and public spaces, Nuura Lighting’s small addition of sustainable lights enrich any space they inhabit. An authentic, rustic nordic style created with high quality materials and contemporary technology.

Nuura Lighting offers a variety of different lights, including chandeliers, pendant lights, floor lamps, and table lamps. No matter what your needs are, Nuura Lighting has a light that will fit perfectly in your home. 
If you are looking for a modern and stylish way to light up your home, then Nuura Lighting is the perfect choice for you!

Nuura Lighting Range

Nuura Lighting focuses on creating luxurious and high-quality lighting products that blend Nordic design traditions with modern aesthetics. The company's designs often feature organic shapes, delicate details, and a harmonious interplay of light and shadow. Their lighting fixtures are crafted using premium materials such as mouth-blown glass, brass, and aluminum.
The Blossi collection of lighting optimises Nuura's goal of creating the perfect blend of Nordic tradition and modern aesthetics. Its beautifully rounded glass shade inspired by the golden light of the Nordic autumn has been utilised to create a stylish range that includes pendants, lamps Chandeliers.