Born in France. Designed in Milan. Produced in Nepal.
Eco-friendly hand knotted Tibetan rugs that each have their own story
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12 products


Set up by husband and wife Fabrizio and Nelcya Cantoni, cc-tapis produce some of the worlds most bold, interesting and curious rugs. Remaining true to traditional rug crafting techniques of Nepal, each rug is hand knotted by expert Tibetan artisans. An eco-conscious company, cc-tapis focus on taking an eco-friendly approach in the creation of their rugs. From the hand spinning of the softest Himalayan wool to the use of purified rainwater for the washing of the final products, this approach makes each one of cc-tapis' rugs unique. The creation of high quality durable rugs aligns with their sustainable ethos of making products that last.

Born in France. Designed in Milan. Produced in Nepal. cc-tapis work with both new and upcoming artists along with well known established designers in order to create truly unique rugs that all have their own stories. Utilising a multitude of different design methods, textures and colours to create one of a kind sensual rugs.

Far from mass production, cc-tapis offer a tailored service to those who understand and enjoy a high-end product, where a three month production time contains a story of ageless culture.

cc-tapis rugs

Originally starting life in France, cc-tapis moved to the design capital of Italy Milan where the company is now based and a team of designers lead by Daniele Lora, art-director and company partner, innovate through a new approach to traditional methods.

While evolving artistic collaboration is at the heart of cc-tapis. The production off cc-tapis rugs has always remained in the hands of third-generation Tibetan weaver Jigmay Dongstetsang. Raw materials such as wool, silk and linen are used in the centuries-old approach to create one of a kind rugs. Far from mass production, each rug can take months to create. With the process involving hundreds of thousands of knots, hand cutting, washing and stretching. The long meticulous process is reflected in the extremely high quality of the cc-tapis rugs. This traditional way of rug making is completely organic and free from industrial machinery, chemicals and artificial products. 

The knowledge and experience handed down from generation to generation combined with the boundless ideas of the designers cc-tapis collaborate with, result in some of the worlds very best rugs. The extensive knowledge of the weavers allows the innovative designs of artists to come to life. Exploring a variety of materials that best suit the designers vision, cc-tapis utilise a range of materials including Himalayan wool from Tibetan Highland sheep, pure silks refined in China and India, bamboo and banana silk, as well as linen and mohair.

Cc-tapis have collaborated with a variety of designers from different backgrounds in order to create a range of rugs like no other. Working with designers such as Bethan Laura Wood, Maarten De Ceulaer and Edoardo Piermattei, cc-tapis continue to explore and push the boundaries of how a rug can look and feel. 

In 2015 founders of cc-tapis Nelcya Chamszadeh and Fabrizio Cantoni set up the non-profit organisation cc-foreducation. The non-profit organisation provides eduction for the the children of the rug weavers.

cc-tapis Collaborations

CC-tapis has collaborated with a number of renowned designers and architects to create unique and innovative rug designs. Some of their notable collaborations include:

  1. Patricia Urquiola - a Spanish architect and designer known for her contemporary designs and innovative use of materials. She has collaborated with CC-tapis to create a collection of rugs inspired by traditional textiles.

  2. Studiopepe - an Italian design studio known for their eclectic and experimental designs. They have collaborated with CC-tapis on several collections of rugs, including the 'Trame' collection, which features graphic patterns and bold colors.

  3. Faye Toogood - a British designer known for her sculptural furniture and conceptual designs. She has collaborated with CC-tapis to create a collection of rugs inspired by geological formations and natural landscapes.

  4. Martino Gamper - an Italian furniture designer known for his playful and unconventional designs. He has collaborated with CC-tapis on a collection of rugs inspired by the colors and patterns of traditional textiles.

These are just a few examples of CC-tapis' collaborations with renowned designers and architects. The company continues to work with a variety of creative professionals to push the boundaries of traditional rug-making and create unique and innovative designs.