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As the name suggest Fjordfiesta are a Norwegian design company based in a fjord on the west coast of Norway. Their collection boasts a combination of classic Norwegian heritage and modern contemporary design. Focused around sustainable production and bringing their designs to life with exceptional craftsmanship and modern cutting edge technology, Fjordfiesta create beautiful furnishings that reflect their Scandinavian heritage. With an emphasis on simplicity and functionality as well as beauty, Fjordfiesta work with both classic Norwegian designs as well as new and emerging Scandinavian designers.

Fjordfiesta Furniture

Fjordfiesta is a Norwegian furniture company that specialises in producing high-quality furniture with a focus on Scandinavian design. The company was founded in 2001 by architect Paul Løkke, who was inspired by the work of the legendary Norwegian designer, Hans Brattrud. Fjordfiesta is best known for producing Brattrud's iconic Scandia Chair, which was originally designed in 1957 and has become a symbol of Norwegian modernism.

In addition to the Scandia Chair, Fjordfiesta produces a range of other furniture designs, including tables, sofas, and accessories, all of which share a common aesthetic based on clean lines, natural materials, and functional design. The company works closely with a team of skilled craftsmen to ensure that its furniture is produced to the highest standards of quality and durability. Fjordfiesta's furniture is sold in Norway and internationally, and is widely appreciated for its timeless design and exceptional quality.

Fjordfiesta Sustainable Furniture

Fjordfiesta has a strong commitment to sustainability and strives to make its furniture as environmentally friendly as possible. The company uses high-quality, durable materials that are chosen for their longevity, including FSC-certified wood and recycled aluminum. Additionally, Fjordfiesta works with skilled craftsmen who use traditional techniques to create furniture that is built to last, reducing the need for frequent replacements.

Fjordfiesta also aims to minimize waste and environmental impact throughout its production process. For example, the company uses environmentally friendly finishing materials, and its factories are powered by renewable energy sources. The company also participates in programs aimed at reducing waste and recycling materials, and it has a policy of using local suppliers whenever possible to reduce transportation emissions.

In addition to its efforts to make its furniture sustainable, Fjordfiesta also supports various environmental initiatives, including a project to plant trees in Norway's forests. Overall, Fjordfiesta's commitment to sustainability is an integral part of its business philosophy, and the company is continually seeking ways to minimize its environmental impact while producing high-quality furniture.