Inspiration for Home Office Design

Inspiration for Home Office Design

While some of us have been working from home for many years trying to find a happy balance between the two, a significant proportion of people now find themselves fighting for space or adapting their homes in order to accommodate work stations. Dining and living rooms have been taken over by laptops, while those lucky enough to have a spare room have been able to create their very own home office.

With the intrusion of work into our home-lives, we feel it’s important to maintain a happy work life balance while ensuring that you have a comfortable place to work regardless of the size or limitations of your room.

Some may see working from home as an inconvenience, however we see it as the perfect opportunity to create the work space that you've always wanted (an opportunity you'd never get in your usual work office).

With this in mind we have put together a list of some inspiring and unique desks, chairs and home office furnishings perfect for a home office.

Nyhavn Desk and Tray Unit by House of Finn Juhl
A simple yet sophisticated desk, this work station is truly unique. Defined by its colourful tray of hanging draws and walnut tipped legs. This desks is a beautifully crafted piece of furniture that has stood the test of time. Couple it with the traditional House of Finn Juhl 46 Dining chair to get the ultimate 50's design feel.