The TOGO Sofa as Relevant Today as it was in the 70s

The TOGO Sofa as Relevant Today as it was in the 70s

One of the most iconic and instantly recognisable pieces of furniture in the world, the TOGO sofa designed by Michel Ducaroy is both a visual and design masterpiece.

Very few sofas or furnishings are both aesthetically pleasing and comfortable. Yet the ergonomic design of the TOGO sofa, incorporating multiple density polyester foam, therefore eliminating the necessity of a timber frame creates both a relaxing and visually appealing statement piece.

Designed in 1973 by Michel Ducaroy the TOGO sofa represented the ultimate in design, comfort and style.

Togo sofa from above

While other memorable statements from the 70’s such as flares, sideburns and shagpile carpets were swiftly forgotten in the years that followed, the TOGO is a 70’s icon that has stood the test of time. The Togo’s revolutionary design and quality is as relevant today as it was in its year of conception. 

Released in a variety of different colours the sofa offered a relaxed appeal that would be suited to an array of interiors. The modular design of the TOGO allows for a diverse range of seating options to accommodate any room or layout. The single seat TOGO (combined with a matching ottoman) is perfect for solo relaxation, whilst allowing the TOGO to be incorporated into a room with another sofa of a different design.

The option of a TOGO corner chair combined with a sofa or chair provides the ability to create a wrap around seating solution perfect for socialising or bigger rooms that require larger seating areas. The versatility of the modular TOGO means that the sofa can be added to as and when needed.

Togo corner sofa

Despite being his most famous work, the TOGO was not Michel Ducaroy’s first modular foam sofa. The TOGO sofa was a result of an evolution of Ducaroy’s designs, starting with the low sitting Adria in 1968, followed by the Kashima and the Safi eventually leading to the first TOGO in 1973.

It was Michel Ducaroy’s meeting with Jean Roset in 1954 that paved the way for the iconic furniture maker to realise Ducaroy’s designs through innovative technologies and manufacturing.

The release of the TOGO in the early 70’s was an instant hit. An instantly recognisable statement sofa that was as comfortable as it was cool. Soon after its release in 1973 the TOGO sofa won the Rene Gabriel prize recognising the piece as innovative and democratic furniture.

To date Ligne Roset have sold over 1.3 million TOGO’s across the world. Never far from the living room of interior and design professionals, Today the TOGO sofa is also enjoying a return to the mainstream, featuring in endless magazines, blogs and Instagram feeds, the TOGO is once again the must have piece of statement furniture it was in the 70’s.

While Ligne Roset continue to manufacture the TOGO, releasing it in an ever growing range of materials and colours. The vintage market offers original TOGO’s from the 70’s and 80’s. While some of these have been reupholstered, others examples kept in great condition still maintain their original covers. The part worn leather of an original TOGO only adds to the sofa’s appeal.