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32 products

Artek was founded in 1935 in Helsinki, Finland, by four visionary minds: Alvar and Aino Aalto, Maire Gullichsen, and Nils-Gustav Hahl. Their shared passion for creating functional yet artful furniture and lighting pieces laid the foundation for a design legacy that continues to captivate hearts and homes worldwide.


Drawing inspiration from nature, Finnish traditions, and functionalism, Artek's designs strike a harmonious balance between simplicity, practicality, and elegance. Each piece showcases a deep understanding of materials, resulting in a seamless blend of form and function—a testament to the brand's commitment to sustainable design and the art of living well.

Artek where Tradition meets Modernity

Artek collaborates with skilled artisans and masterful craftsmen to bring their designs to life, combining traditional techniques with contemporary technology. The result is furniture and lighting that exude timeless appeal, durability, and refined elegance.

Artek Classics and Contemporary Icons

Artek's product portfolio features an exquisite array of furniture, lighting, and accessories that cater to diverse tastes and interior styles. From the iconic Alvar Aalto Table and Tea Trolley to the elegant Pendant Lights and designer shelving systems, each creation showcases Artek's commitment to innovation and originality.

By seamlessly blending timeless classics with new contemporary designs, Artek UK invites you to create spaces that are both authentic and inspiring. Whether you seek to infuse your home with the charm of Finnish heritage or elevate your office with functional beauty, Artek offers versatile and sophisticated solutions to meet your needs.

Artek Sustainability

Artek's design philosophy revolves around sustainable living and responsible consumption. Each piece is thoughtfully crafted with longevity in mind, ensuring that they become cherished heirlooms rather than disposable possessions. By choosing Artek, you not only embrace Nordic design at its finest but also contribute to a more sustainable future.

Elevate your Space with Artek

Explore our exclusive Artek collection and embark on a journey of discovering the beauty and functionality of Finnish design.

Elevate your spaces with Artek's timeless pieces that resonate with both heart and mind. Let the spirit of Nordic design infuse your living spaces, creating an ambiance that celebrates the art of living well. Welcome Artek into your life and experience the enduring allure of Finnish design.