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House of Finn Juhl
Iconic furniture from Danish designer Finn Juhl recreated with the finest craftsmanship and upholstery
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43 products

Now consisting of over 40 iconic masterpieces within the collection, all consisting of the same original and strict demand of quality as the original Finn Juhl designs, House of Finn Juhl have been entrusted with the exclusive rights to the manufacture and relaunch to Finn Juhl sculptural and beautiful furniture  by Finn Juhl’s wife Hanne Wilhelm Hansen.

House of Finn Juhl

 Made using some of the world's finest materials including premium quality American walnut, all of the House of Finn Juhl furnishings are made using the highest levels of craftsmanship. Exceptional materials combined with the unique designed originally created by Finn Juhl during the 1940's result in one of a kind chairs, tables and sofas that are instantly recognisable for their unique visual and textural appeal. 

About House of Finn Juhl

House of Finn Juhl, an esteemed furniture brand, holds an unparalleled position in the world of interior design. Founded by Finn Juhl, a visionary Danish architect and designer, the brand boasts a legacy of iconic furniture pieces that have redefined modern aesthetics. With a harmonious blend of form, function, and craftsmanship, House of Finn Juhl's creations have left an indelible mark on the design landscape, inspiring generations of designers and captivating the hearts of discerning art enthusiasts worldwide.

The Design Philosophy of House of Finn Juhl

The House of Finn Juhl was established in 1945 by Finn Juhl himself. Born in Frederiksberg, Denmark, in 1912, Juhl's creative journey began at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, where he studied architecture. His early works were heavily influenced by the functionalist design principles of the time. However, he soon broke away from the traditional norms, infusing his designs with organic and sculptural elements.
Juhl's design philosophy revolved around creating furniture that transcended mere utility, becoming works of art in their own right. He believed that furniture should embrace the human form, provide comfort, and evoke emotions through its shapes and materials. His distinct approach to design led to the creation of timeless pieces that continue to captivate and inspire designers to this day.

House of Finn Juhl Innovation & Design

The iconic designs by Finn Juhl are characterised by a harmonious interplay of fluid lines, organic shapes, and exquisite craftsmanship. One of his earliest masterpieces, the "Pelican Chair" (1940), showcases his penchant for sculptural form and ergonomics. With its embracing arms and tilted backrest, the chair offers a cozy and inviting seating experience.
Another timeless creation, the "Chieftain Chair" (1949), stands as a testament to Juhl's fascination with traditional tribal art. The chair's bold, expressive form and exquisite craftsmanship elevate it to the realm of functional art, making it a center piece of any room it graces.
Juhl's exploration of the potential of wood as a material is exemplified in the "NV-45" lounge chair (1945). Its sleek lines, floating seat, and use of teak wood demonstrate his mastery in bringing out the natural beauty of materials while ensuring maximum comfort for the user.

House of Finn Juhl Influence

House of Finn Juhl quickly gained international acclaim, earning accolades and prestigious awards for its groundbreaking designs. In 1951, Juhl's works were prominently featured at the "Good Design" exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City, solidifying his reputation as a leading figure in modern design.
Juhl's furniture designs also found favour in the United States, where they resonated with a burgeoning post-war interest in Scandinavian design. This paved the way for House of Finn Juhl to gain a foothold in the American market, further expanding the brand's global presence.
His impact on the design world extends beyond his own creations. Finn Juhl's influence can be seen in the works of subsequent generations of designers, both in Denmark and internationally. His legacy continues to inspire contemporary designers who seek to infuse their creations with a touch of timeless elegance and innovation.

Craftsmanship & Materials

Central to the House of Finn Juhl's allure is its unwavering commitment to craftsmanship and the meticulous selection of materials. Juhl collaborated with skilled artisans and craftsmen who shared his passion for perfection. Together, they brought his designs to life, ensuring that each piece reflected the highest standards of quality and artistry.
The use of premium materials, such as teak, walnut, and rosewood, contributed to the furniture's organic beauty and durability. The seamless combination of wood, upholstery, and metal details created a visual and tactile experience that elevated House of Finn Juhl's designs to a level of luxury and refinement.

Preserving the House of Finn Juhl Legacy

Following Finn Juhl's passing in 1989, the House of Finn Juhl continued to champion his vision, ensuring that his designs remain accessible to design enthusiasts and collectors alike. The brand collaborated with modern manufacturers to reproduce classic pieces, staying true to the original designs while incorporating contemporary production techniques and materials.
Moreover, House of Finn Juhl has embraced sustainability as a guiding principle, incorporating eco-friendly practices in its production processes. This commitment to sustainability aligns seamlessly with the timeless nature of Juhl's designs, further enhancing their appeal to environmentally conscious consumers.

House of Finn Juhl stands as a testament to the enduring power of visionary design. Finn Juhl's creations, celebrated for their sculptural elegance and uncompromising craftsmanship, have transcended time and continue to occupy a place of pride in contemporary design discourse.
As the custodians of this extraordinary legacy, House of Finn Juhl has upheld its commitment to preserving the brand's heritage while adapting to the demands of the modern world. By staying true to Juhl's design philosophy and promoting sustainability, the brand has ensured that his iconic creations will continue to shape the world of design for generations to come.
For those who seek to embrace the spirit of Danish design excellence and the legacy of Finn Juhl, the House of Finn Juhl stands as an invitation to immerse themselves in a world of timeless beauty and artistic innovation.