Visioni B Rug
Visioni B Rug

Visioni B Rug

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B Faded

A puzzle of abstract shapes defined by sharp black lines creates a sense of depth in Patricia Urquiola’s Visioni B rug.

Cleverley tricking the eye into seeing a three-dimensional shape, Visioni B is actually a flat, two-dimensional rug. It features a harmonious colour palette of red, rust and rose offset by cool grey and ice blue accents, and is made from 100% pure Himalayan wool.

180 x 300cm

Materials & finishes
Himalayan wool.



Born in France. Designed in Milan. Produced in Nepal.
cc-tapis produce some of the worlds most bold, interesting and curious rugs.

Remaining true to traditional rug crafting techniques of Nepal, each rug is hand knotted by expert Tibetan artisans. The creation of high quality durable rugs aligns with their sustainable ethos of making products that last.

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