System Cado - Four Shelves & Cupboards
System Cado - Four Shelves & Cupboards
System Cado - Four Shelves & Cupboards

System Cado - Four Shelves & Cupboards

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The DK3 System Cado - Four Shelves & Cupboards, designed by Poul Cadovius, is a beautiful evolution of his iconic wall-mounted shelving designs.

Originally designed in 1960, the Cado System further developed the pioneering idea of moving furniture off the floor and onto the walls. Defined by four stunning wooden panels, connected together to create a truly impressive storage facility and display unit, the Cado System acts almost as a room within a room, capturing your attention and inviting you into its elegant space. Available in a luxurious walnut finish, the unit has been fitted with four shelves and cabinets, creating a versatile area for you to both display and organise away your personal possessions; perfect for a larger living room or dining space.

Height: 205cm x Width: 320.8cm x Depth: 25.6cm-38.6cm

Shelf Depth: 24cm x Cupboard Depth: 37cm

Materials & finishes
Available in a Walnut MDF veneer finish, four shelves and four cabinets with sliding doors (fitted with one inside shelf).

This product is part of a large modular shelving series with many more size, wood and shelf options available.



A Danish furniture design house, dk3 have an amazing collection of furniture by some of the greatest Danish designers including Poul Cadovius, Børge Morgensen and Søren Juul.

Established by Ann and Jacob Plejdrup in 2009, dk3 is a collection of beautifully designed furniture uniting the finest carpentry traditions with modern and classic design.

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