AC11 Stop Book End
AC11 Stop Book End
AC11 Stop Book End

AC11 Stop Book End

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White Marble

The cubic E15 AC11 Stop Book End is a valuable accessory carved from the finest Italian marble.

The sculptural form emphasises Stop's pure marble, making it a refined and striking desk or shelf accessory which is open to individual interpretation.

Height: 10cm x Width: 10cm x Depth: 10cm

Materials & finishes
Solid oiled Bianco Carrara white marble



Founded in 1995 and named after the London postcode of their first studio, E15 are renown for their pioneering use of solid wood in its purest form. 

Their premium level of craftsmanship and use of the highest quality wood is evident throughout their range of solid oak beds, shelving, sideboards, chairs and stools. 

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