PK24 Chaise Longue - Wicker
PK24 Chaise Longue - Wicker
PK24 Chaise Longue - Wicker

PK24 Chaise Longue - Wicker

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Wood Wicker

The Fritz Hansen PK24™ Chaise Longue - Wicker is perhaps the most recognizable chair in Poul Kjaerholm's portfolio.

A suspended body, with no physical connection between the main parts of the chair, held together by gravity and friction of elements, the PK24™ is a paramount example of Kjaerholm’s iconic work. Also known as the ‘Hammock Chair’ the chaise longue is based upon the principle of design that only uses disconnected elements. With a combination of recognizable Kjaerholm materials, soft leather and wood wicker meet industrial steel in an effortless curve. Influenced by the elaborate Rococo period, the PK24™ Chaise Longue boasts an organic shape, optimizing comfort with an adjustable desired position. Prevalent across the globe, the PK24™ exudes character and sophistication whilst supplementing a touch of iconic industrial design to your home. 
Height: 85cm
Width: 67cm
Depth: 155cm
Seat Height: 14cm


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