Backstitch Rug - Busy
Backstitch Rug - Busy
Backstitch Rug - Busy
Backstitch Rug - Busy
Backstitch Rug - Busy

Backstitch Rug - Busy

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Designed by Raw Edges, the GAN Backstitch Rug, takes inspiration from patterns created on the back of rugs during the traditional embroidery process.

Part of the stunning Backstitch Collection, the Backstitch Busy rug is defined by a vivid linear pattern, made up of a collection of different layered line patterns and colours. Available in Green or Brick colourways, the abstract design has a beautifully textured, tactile finish, creating a highly comforting, inviting addition to a living room, hallway or bedroom space. Soft and warm, the rug has been made from 100% pure wool, produced on manual looms and delicately hand-embroidered by the artisans of the GAN Women’s Unit.

Available in two sizes: 170cm x 240cm or 200cm x 300cm

Materials & finishes
100% new wool, kilim and embroidery technique.



Combing contemporary design with traditional artisan rug making techniques, GAN craft truly unique rugs. The best natural fibres, cotton, jute and wool are used in production in order to create the highest quality rugs. 

An eco-conscious brand who give back to the communities they work with, GAN are focused on reduced energy consumption and using natural fibres obtained with no animal suffering.

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