Lan Rug
Lan Rug
Lan Rug
Lan Rug
Lan Rug
Lan Rug

Lan Rug

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Imagined by the acclaimed design studio Neri&Hu, the GAN Lan Rug is the latest contemporary addition to a collection of ethically crafted rugs.

Influenced by traditional style weaving looms, layer by layer intersections of embroidered geometric pattern are intricately overlapped with areas of complimenting high and low pile; hand-crafted using varying techniques. Providing versatility and tranquillity with an appealing palette of calm neutral or indigo hues, elegantly highlighted with graphical lines of subtle colour, the Lan rug is easily suited to an array of spaces, perfect for creating a serene minimalist environment at the heart of the home. A textile brand with strong ethical values, GAN ensures that manufacturing has as little impact on the environment as possible, this particularly environmentally friendly piece was interestingly made from virgin wool by the brand's very own Women's unit, a team of talented female embroiderers.

Available in four sizes:
70cm x 240cm
180cm x 200cm
150cm x 280cm
180cm x 336cm

Materials & finishes
100% virgin wool. It should be noted that no chemical dyes are used in manufacturing, therefore minimizing the impact on the environment.

Please note
All carpets when new shed during the first couple of months. To remove this, brush gently in the direction of the pile with a soft bristle brush, remove excess with a vacuum cleaner.



Combing contemporary design with traditional artisan rug making techniques, GAN craft truly unique rugs. The best natural fibres, cotton, jute and wool are used in production in order to create the highest quality rugs. 

An eco-conscious brand who give back to the communities they work with, GAN are focused on reduced energy consumption and using natural fibres obtained with no animal suffering.

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