Parquet Hexagon Rug
Parquet Hexagon Rug
Parquet Hexagon Rug
Parquet Hexagon Rug

Parquet Hexagon Rug

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Designed by experimental design group Front, GAN presents the Parquet Hexagon Rug.

Modernising the classic formation of a flat tapestry rug, a carefully curated colour palette of varying shades and tones enables an arrangement of rectangles, diamonds, squares and hexagons, dependent on the viewer's perspective, to gain depth and three-dimensionality. Influenced by traditional parquet flooring patterns, a precise positioning of geometric lines, the Parquet Hexagon combines a sense of forward-thinking creativity and high-quality technique. A sophisticated play on illusion, the rug is crafted using an artisanal manual loom method, consequently giving the piece a light and airy feel with flexibility, no pile and the option of being reversible. Perfect for innovative home interiors and minimalist surroundings, the irregular format enables the possibility of larger configurations when used in multiples, a playful feature suited to large open plan living areas.

Available in two sizes:
150cm x 203cm
188cm x 305cm

Materials & finishes
100% wool.

Please note
All carpets when new shed during the first couple of months. To remove this, brush gently in the direction of the pile with a soft bristle brush, remove excess with a vacuum cleaner.



Combing contemporary design with traditional artisan rug making techniques, GAN craft truly unique rugs. The best natural fibres, cotton, jute and wool are used in production in order to create the highest quality rugs. 

An eco-conscious brand who give back to the communities they work with, GAN are focused on reduced energy consumption and using natural fibres obtained with no animal suffering.

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