Waan Rug Blue
Waan Rug Blue

Waan Rug Blue

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The GAN Waan Rug has a heart of yarn. More than just fabric, these rugs are comprised of a series of knots framed in a subtle square.

Available in three different sizes to suit a range of floor or room sizes, the handmade process of the Waan rug ensures that the rug is lovingly made, each with its own unique yet subtle pattern.

Available in three sizes; 170 x 240cm, 200 x 300cm or 250 x 250cm.
Approximate Height: 2.5cm

Materials & finishes
100% Wool. Hand loomed.



Combing contemporary design with traditional artisan rug making techniques, GAN craft truly unique rugs. The best natural fibres, cotton, jute and wool are used in production in order to create the highest quality rugs. 

An eco-conscious brand who give back to the communities they work with, GAN are focused on reduced energy consumption and using natural fibres obtained with no animal suffering.

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