Zoe Kubb Rug

Zoe Kubb Rug

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The Zoe Kubb Rug is the result of the first collaboration between Daria Zinovatnaya and GAN; an elegant expression of shape and colour.
A visual explosion of geometry, bold colour and rich texture, Kubb is as much a textural art piece as it is a rug. Part of the two piece collection from the Ukrainian born designer, Kubb explores Zinovatnaya's love for vibrant candy hues and abstract form. Winner of the 2020 NYC x Design award, Kubb is created using an intricate hand-knotting technique. A statement piece that has been carefully crafted, Kubb adds dynamic personality and interest wherever it is placed.

Available in two sizes: 208cm x 240cm 260cm x 300cm

Materials & finishes
100% new wool, hand knotted.

Please note
All carpets when new shed during the first couple of months. To remove this, brush gently in the direction of the pile with a soft bristle brush, remove excess with a vacuum cleaner.



Combing contemporary design with traditional artisan rug making techniques, GAN craft truly unique rugs. The best natural fibres, cotton, jute and wool are used in production in order to create the highest quality rugs. 

An eco-conscious brand who give back to the communities they work with, GAN are focused on reduced energy consumption and using natural fibres obtained with no animal suffering.

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