Table 2.0 Brass Base
Table 2.0 Brass Base
Table 2.0 Brass Base
Table 2.0 Brass Base

Table 2.0 Brass Base

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The Gubi 2.0 Table celebrates the authentic way of bringing people together enabling an intimate interaction, whether it is for dinners, meetings or relaxed socialisation.

The Gubi 2.0 Table by Gubi is made of the finest materials, contributing to its unique and exclusive identity. It is constructed with a circular base standing on a circular plate, finished with a rounded marble table top in either black or white. With its clean lines and simple details, yet sturdy and exclusive materials, this table brings forward fresh and different opportunities for use and styling, in addition to your existing aesthetic.
Table top available in two diameters: 110cm or 130cm
Height: 72cm


GUBI has been working with designers across the world since 1967 to develop unique and elegant furniture that can't be found anywhere else. Offering a combination of modern and classical timeless designs, the GUBI range includes unique and thought provoking lighting, seating and furnishings.

If you are looking for a truly inspiring piece that includes beauty comfort and functionality look now further than GUBI.

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Timeless & iconic

GUBI focuses on comfort, elegance and design. Reinventing old classic for new generations. Throughout the GUBI range you can find a diverse range of materials used to create thought provoking and tactile pieces.
GUBI offers an exciting collection of unique chairs, tables and lighting that all deliver an effortless sense of style and chic to any living area.