Lab Outdoor Wall Lamp
Lab Outdoor Wall Lamp
Lab Outdoor Wall Lamp
Lab Outdoor Wall Lamp
Lab Outdoor Wall Lamp

Lab Outdoor Wall Lamp

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Francesc Rife accentuates the natural interplay of light using the unique structure and sleek aluminium of the Marset Lab Outdoor Wall Lamp.
Conceived as a minimal yet functional lighting solution, the Marset Lab Outdoor Wall Lamp features a distinctive aluminium structure adorned with striking front covers. As part of the Lab Collection, Francesc Rife reimagines the core, compact lamp form into a sleek bollard model. The light itself is concealed within the structure, enhancing the minimal aesthetic while allowing for a captivating play of light as the glow reflects off the hollow interior walls. Available in dark wood or a selection of aluminium finishes, each variation creates a unique lighting experience that dictates whether the light blends in or stands out in the outdoor space.

Height: 35cm x Width: 12.6cm x Depth: 8cm

Materials & finishes
Aluminium structure with front covers in either lacquered aluminium or wood. Available in a range of colourways.

Light Source (Included)
1 x LED 8W
IP65 rated.



Innovative design is what sets Marset apart from the rest, offering customers and interior designers the most outstanding and beautiful lighting yet also contributing to a more environmentally friendly world, with high quality, durable and sustainable manufacturing.

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