Sun Ceiling Light
Sun Ceiling Light
Sun Ceiling Light
Sun Ceiling Light
Sun Ceiling Light

Sun Ceiling Light

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Designed by Yonoh, the Marset Ceiling Light is a practical, contemporary light source.

Inspired by daybreak, when the sun rises along the horizon, the Marset Sun Ceiling Light diffuses a radiant glow that transports us to that precise moment. Consisting of a metal case and curved polycarbonate dish that surrounds the enclosed LED, each of Sun’s different materials reflects the light in their own way, much as what happens at the exact moment when the night’s darkness gives way to the light. Ideally utilised illuminating a hallway or an open-plan space, its innovative design is simultaneously prominent yet understated a point of interest that does not steal the limelight.

Available in two diameters: 26cm or 40cm
Depth: 9.6cm

Materials & finishes
Lacquered iron structure in white or graphite. Diffuser made of thermoformed opal methacrylate, with another diffuser in opal blown glass placed off-centre.

Light Source (included)
26cm version includes 1 x LED 16.2W
40cm version includes 1 x LED 26.6W
IP20 rated.



Innovative design is what sets Marset apart from the rest, offering customers and interior designers the most outstanding and beautiful lighting yet also contributing to a more environmentally friendly world, with high quality, durable and sustainable manufacturing.

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