Earth-Bamboo Rug
Earth-Bamboo Rug
Earth-Bamboo Rug
Earth-Bamboo Rug
Earth-Bamboo Rug
Earth-Bamboo Rug

Earth-Bamboo Rug

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Handwoven in a beautiful and durable union of New Zealand wool and bamboo, the Earth - Bamboo Rug, designed by Massimo Copenhagen.

Highly sustainable, natural and biodegradable, the Earth-Bamboo rug uses centuries-old animal-friendly practices. With production and technique being a key foundation in the creation of each piece; every rug is intricately handwoven taking the utmost skill and care. A curated experimentation of the established and experimental, the Earth-Bamboo rug explores a combination of organic materials; naturally hard-wearing wool and earth-friendly bamboo unify, resulting in a striking piece with a delicate shine and unmatched durability. Perfectly suited to both classic and contemporary interiors with an array of stylish colours and sizes to choose from the Earth-Bamboo rug, whether situated in a commercial or domestic setting is sure to add a touch of considered elegance to your space.

Available in four sizes:
Width: 170cm x Length: 240cm
Width: 200cm x Length: 300cm
Width: 250cm x Length: 300cm
Width: 300cm x Length: 400cm

Materials & finishes
Hand-woven 50% New Zealand wool, 50% Bamboo.

Please note
Professional cleaning is recommended. Never clean with chemicals!
Daily cleaning: Use the vacuum cleaner without brush – frequently when the carpet is new as it will produce shed fluff for a period of time. Vacuum in the direction of the pile.

It is a good idea to turn the rug around twice a year to avoid uneven wear and to place e.g. felt under the feet of heavy furniture standing on the rug.

Note that the colours may fade if the carpet is exposed to strong sunlight for a longer period of time. Staining from the backside of the carpet may occur so it is recommended to use an underlay carpet on delicate surfaces.


Massimo Copenhagen

A luxury rug brand that embodies and embraces its Scandinavian origins. Massimo Copenhagen offers a range of subtle and natural colour schemes.

With sustainability at the heart of their ethos and design, Massimo Copenhagen have been creating hand made rugs for over 20 years. Manipulating a variety of different materials to develop unique stand out rugs.

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