Sumace Rug - With Fringes
Sumace Rug - With Fringes
Sumace Rug - With Fringes

Sumace Rug - With Fringes

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Plant by name and plant by nature, the carefully considered Sumace Rug - With Fringes, designed by massimo copenhagen.

Handknotted in 100% natural aromatic hemp, offering a feeling of laid-back sophistication to your space, the Sumace Rug is perfectly complementary to minimal home interiors. Derived from plants, first spun into usable fibre over 50,000 years ago, hemp is the fastest growing plant on earth, allowing for eco-friendly and sustainable cultivation practices. Natural, biodegradable and durable the Sumace Rug appeals to the very basics of life, offering a homely tactile expression with a touch of rustic elegance. Available in a range of sizes with or without fringes this paired back piece can be personalised to suit its surroundings perfectly.

Available in three sizes:
Width: 170cm x Length: 240cm
Width: 200cm x Length: 300cm
Width: 250cm x Length: 300cm

Materials & finishes
100% Hemp, underlay carpet included.

Please Note
Professional cleaning is recommended. Never clean with chemicals!

It is a good idea to turn the rug around twice a year to avoid uneven wear and to place e.g. felt under the feet of heavy furniture standing on the rug.

Note that Staining from the backside of the carpet may occur so it is recommended to use an underlay carpet on delicate surfaces.


Massimo Copenhagen

A luxury rug brand that embodies and embraces its Scandinavian origins. Massimo Copenhagen offers a range of subtle and natural colour schemes.

With sustainability at the heart of their ethos and design, Massimo Copenhagen have been creating hand made rugs for over 20 years. Manipulating a variety of different materials to develop unique stand out rugs.

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