Grasshopper Chair
Grasshopper Chair
Grasshopper Chair

Grasshopper Chair

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Sorensen Vegetal Nature Leather (20090)

The Grasshopper Chair by House of Finn Juhl is a powerful masterpiece that embodies prized Danish furniture design.

The iconic chair was first exhibited in 1938 at Niels Vodder's stand at the Copenhagen Guild Exhibition. In a time where 'heavy', traditional furniture dominated, the Grasshopper proved to be quite the divisive piece, with many not in favour of the chair's artistic, expressive appearance. Relaunched by House of Finn Juhl, the chair has now become known and respected as one of Juhl's most pioneering, dynamic designs. With the chair's grounded legs giving the impression of a grasshopper about to jump, the low-level, slender frame, combined with a tall, enclosed seat, create a highly comforting, cocooned space. A truly dynamic design, the Grasshopper Chair embodies Juhl's status as a pioneer of furniture design.

Height: 93cm x Width: 87cmx Depth: 101cm

Materials & finishes
Walnut frame, Sorensen Vegetal Nature Leather (20090) upholstery.


House of Finn Juhl

Launched in 2001, House of Finn Juhl were entrusted with the exclusive rights to manufacture and relaunch Finn Juhl’s iconic furniture.  Introducing the classic masterpieces to a whole new generations, House of Finn Juhl have recreated Finn Juhl’s beautiful furnishings with the same quality, attention to detail and respect as the originals.

Truly unique furniture tailored to organic natural form. 

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